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Five of the Hottest Big-ass Pornstars You Should Check Out Today

No matter if you’re into ass or tits, you’ll definitely love the hot babes mentioned in the following article.
They were destined to do porn and to satisfy your desires. Their sex drives go through the roof and you’ll be thinking of them all the time, which will most likely result in some awkward boners and wet dreams that will only spark up your desire even more. So, get prepared to bust a nut with the following big ass porn star babes that are taking over the whole industry!

The hottest big ass pornstars

Mandy Muse

Unlike other girls who hesitate to try new things, Mandy is out there taking dicks like a champ! You’ll often see her in threesomes, taking it from behind twerking with her huge ass and flaunting her inked body for the camera. She has a huge sex drive and she’s not afraid to show it, because after all, that’s what gets her those screaming orgasms. What made her a famous and successful porn actress were her luscious curves, especially her round, a perfectly shaped ass that will give you an instant boner.

Kesha Ortega

A hot Latina with wild curves that will blow your mind. Kesha originates from Venezuela, and she first filmed porn a while back. Once she saw how good she actually is, it didn’t take long for her to build a whole career based on her huge ass and firm tits that she flaunts on the set. As long as it includes some mind-blowing orgasms, she’s down for anything and everything. The busty brunette loves driving guys mad, and she unleashes her freaky side once the camera starts rolling. She doesn’t need breaks in between, and she can go on and on for hours until the guy is left completely dried out, and she’s completely satisfied.

Molly Pills

A young, thriving pornstar that loves her job! She’s working extra hard, and sometimes her sets are stretched throughout the whole day, but she doesn’t mind it, because, in the end, that equals more screaming orgasms for her. Molly is a bisexual hottie, mostly interested in girls. She’s quite open-minded and loves exploring her sexuality while she still can. Being into girls definitely doesn’t stop her from filming some of the hottest creampie and threesome videos on the platform. Not to mention her anal scenes where she flaunts her huge butt for the camera. Make sure to check out her profile on social media if you want to learn more about her exciting personal life.

Valerie Kay

We like our pornstars completely naked, but a minimalistic G-sting can do wonders sometimes. It enhances the ass, making it appear bigger and rounder, and you can be the judge of that once you see some of the porn that Valerie shoots. If not from there, you’ll definitely see the difference by scrolling through her Instagram posts, but you should do that quickly before they get deleted for being too hot. Now onto Valerie. She’s a hot babe from Havana, hence the exotic looks. Latina girls have the best bums, and this hot brunette is no different from them. So far, she’s been collaborating with big household names, and with the biggest production houses in the industry.

Sheila Ortega

Kesha has a sister that is equally as hot as she is! Sheila entered the industry around the same time with her sis, and so far, they’ve made quite the careers. Their huge, fat asses are to blame for all of their success. This hot Latina has another ace in her sleeve, and that is her huge tits that she enhanced a couple of years back. Now, there are two things jiggling in her videos, and fans simply can’t get enough of it. Once the camera starts rolling, Sheila loves being the center of attention, and she loves good foreplay that involves her ass and huge rack. Like her sis, she’s been featured in some of the most popular videos on PornHub.

Bella Bellz

Now, this is something that you don’t see every day, and once you see it, you won’t be able to forget it. Bella has one of the bubbliest butts in the adult industry, and it’s completely inked, making it ten times hotter than it already is. Bella is an American babe with all-natural tits, a fit body, long legs, and a huge butt. This blonde stunner loves taking it up in all of her holes and cumming while doing so. Once you play her videos, you’ll be enjoying it to the max, forgetting all about your pleasure and standing there amazed at her sex drive and great skills. She has the experience of a porn star, after all, so you’ll be busting a nut in no time!

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